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Packer (Former Employee) says

"Unorganized and the people there do not care. They really don’t care about the employees. They are very rude and disrespectful but don’t expect that in return. I Would not recommend this job hated it for a job that only pays 11.00 and you could be getting paid more"

Promotora junior (Former Employee) says

"Falta de organização em tudo e transparência no que se realiza. Cons: Tudo tambem"

Team Leader (Former Employee) says

"work the line make sure my team ha d all there materials and products ready to work the line pack boox with produccts we had two bracks 30 min lunch. Cons: short barkes"

left company (Former Employee) says

"Not a place to join if you want to start or continue a career. Very, very flat organization. Promotion and advancement frozen. Company is not investing in the business or the well being of employees. Cost cutting is primary focus."

3rd Shift packer (Former Employee) says

"work environment was not adequate enough for the pay. there is no room for advancement. and no raises were given. I would only recommend this job if you are looking to make money fast because it is immediate hire."

Analista de Logística (Former Employee) says

"pessima loja para se trabalhar por se tratar de empresa familiar, o dono é um portugues ogro, enfim sem condições."

lackey (Former Employee) says

"Management are laughable. That's what they do; laugh, giggle and joke but when it comes down to a serious interface they squirm. Mandatory 10 hour days with a moment of notice.Warehoused and piled up like sardines in cheap cubicles amidst a terribly noisy and loud enviroment. BTW, if you're a temp, you are considered to be nothing more than persona non gratis. Picking cucumbers in a dusty field is more rewarding then this job."

Operator (Former Employee) says

"It was a job that was fast paste and strickly by the rules .It teach u the meaning of been to work on time and not one min late ,"

Finance (Current Employee) says

"Unprofessional management team at Clearwater, FL location. Work life balance is terrible. Corporate culture is not ideal unless you enjoy profanity, disrespect, and lack of accountability. No teamwork within groups or across departments. Cons: long hours, lack of respect, no growth"

Empacadora ...y lead (Former Employee) says

"No me gustaría comentar..lo que me gustaba de ese lugar era el horario es flexible"

Order Entry/Clarification (Former Employee) says

"Most office jobs are being outsourced. They do not tell you this, they tell you your job is safe. It is not. I was fired after 18 years working there along with about 50 others, most with high seniority. We were told it was due to performance and attendance. My reviews and attendance record will prove that false. I have never had issues with either one. We were fired due to Covid-19 & India over. Cons: Management is horrible. NO communication."

Utility (Current Employee) says

"U can put everything u have into your job and management will never treat u with respect they will always want more and they are never satisfied. They will not hire the people they need to get the job done"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"Unachievable goals with zero budget, declining categories, and tons of pressure. Products are sub par and get eaten up by private brands. Technology is stuck in the 70's. If you want to be promoted you have to be a lifer. Culture is toxic and unethical."

Ayudante en general (Former Employee) says

"Eran súper groseras las chicas de calidad que daban el producto para empaquetar Cons: Explotan mucho y no daban los bonos que prometían"

Supply Chain Manager (Former Employee) says

"Inhumain et hautain Cons: Management par la peur basé sur la politique et non la competence"

Corporate (Former Employee) says

"Société qui a considérablement changé Cons: Beaucoup de politique interne"

Oficial 1ª mecanico (Current Employee) says

"mal ambiente ,no te ayudan , se creen que les vas a quitar el puesto alos que llevan años"

Assembly Line Worker (Former Employee) says

"We had to work in groups of 14 a line. Placing pens, lighters, pencils, and whiteout into a plastic cover on an assembly line. Work as an team to provide efficient production. Cons: Harsh conditions"

Clarification Rep (Former Employee) says

"Management lacks in communication. New rules often implemented at a moments notice 'Effective Immediately' with no updates to SOP's / not everyone in department notified / supervisors not notified. Often, the new procedure is changed via email several times or repealed within hours. Cons: poor life/work balance, little concern for customers, no management support, poor communication, poor management"

Production Lead (Former Employee) says

"This is absolutely one of the worst managed companies that I have worked for. There is a complete lack of respect from management for the employees. As a person in a leadership role at the company, I struggled to be able to manage my areas without having to deal with micromanagement from the Director level, along with constant negativity, profanity and ridiculing at all levels of the organization. Cons: no teamwork, environment of disrespect, hard to get promoted from within unless you know the right people"

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